© Gary Sullivan and John Trent Wallace 1993-2010

Act 2


Four years have passed. During this time Esmeralda and Pierre have become very close and their love for each other is very strong. However, their marriage is due to end and Clopin is looking for them so that he can reclaim Esmeralda. Sheria has enjoyed four years with Clopin, but knows that his affection for her was only ever a temporary.


Claude Follo’s lust for Esmeralda has also grown and he is being driven mad by his desire for her. Marique no longer sponsors Pierre and has left him to be with Esmeralda. However, she still loves him, but her jealous rage has been growing and she is looking to act to reclaim Pierre.


Fearing Clopin and his gang, Esmeralda tries to persuade Pierre to leave Paris, but he wants to face Clopin and defend his relationship with her. Two of Clopin’s gang pass a message to the couple, warning them that Clopin now wants to reclaim Esmeralda. This makes Esmeralda even more determined to leave Paris.


Marique approaches Pierre, to say that she still loves him and that his relationship with Esmeralda must end. She tries to persuade him to come back to her, but he rejects her. She sings of her love for him and how he transformed her life. Her love and jealousy will drive her to extreme measures to be with Pierre.  She finds Clopin in his den and betrays Pierre. In return for saying where Clopin can find Pierre and Esmeralda, she makes Clopin agree not to kill Pierre.


Sheria realises that this betrayal by Marique, will bring Esmeralda back into Clopin’s life, and in doing so end her relationship with him. So she sets out to warn Pierre and Esmeralda. She manages to reach them just before Clopin arrives and they escape. Sheria tries to convince Clopin that he is better off with her. However, he is desperate to be with Esmeralda and sends his henchmen out to find them.    


Left alone in the street Sheria is approached by Claude Frollo, who has observed Sheria’s movements from the shadows. He says that he wants to protect Esmeralda from Clopin by taking her from away the streets. He tries to convince Sheria that by helping him achieve this, she will regain Clopin for herself. We see the manic rage within Claude, and his uncontrollable lust for Esmeralda.


Marique once more confronts Pierre, and tries to persuade him to be with her, but is rejected again. Pierre has decided to leave Paris with Esmeralda and learning this, Marique goes once again to Clopin and reveals their plan. With a second assurance from Clopin that Pierre will not be killed, she betrays him once again.


This time, Clopin does find Esmeralda and Pierre as they try to escape through the night streets of Paris. Pierre confronts Clopin and they fight. Pierre is badly beaten and left for dead. Clopin drags Esmeralda back to The Palace of Fools and she is placed in a cage.


Drawn by Esmeralda’s screams, Quasimodo has come into the streets. He finds Pierre, very badly beaten, but not dead. Marique has been watching from the shadows, hoping to be reunited with Pierre. She runs to Pierre but, like Esmeralda, believes him to be dead. Distraught and feeling betrayed by Clopin, she runs away. Quasimodo carries Pierre to the bell tower, where he tends to his wounds.


Later that night, in the darkened Palace of Fools, Sheria finds Esmeralda and releases her from the cage, so that she can take her to Claude Frollo. Although confused, Esmeralda goes willingly to Notre Dame with Sheria and is handed over to Claude. He takes her to Quasimodo in the bell tower, who is told to keep her safe and not to let anybody else into the bell tower. Having received payment from Claude, in fear of her life from Clopin, Sheria prepares to flee the city.


Having discovered that Esmeralda has escaped and suspecting Sheria’s part in this, an enraged Clopin searches the streets for them. When he discovers Sheria, despite her pleas, he starts to strangle her. However, believing that Clopin has killed Pierre, Marique has set out to murder him in retaliation. She emerges from the shadows and stabs Clopin, killing him instantly. She then turns the knife on herself, placing the knife into her own heart. Although he tried to kill her, Sheria is distraught at the death of Clopin. Fearing the night watchman, the remaining gang members drag Sheria away into the dark Paris streets.


Having been taken by Claude to the bell tower, Esmeralda has been comforted by Quasimodo.  He reveals Pierre to her and they are reunited. Pierre’s presence in the bell tower is against Claude’s express wishes.


Claude returns to the tower, and on finding Pierre with Esmeralda, flies into a manic rage. He attempts to strangle Pierre but Quasimodo defends him. Claude and Quasimodo fight and in the ensuing battle, Quasimodo kills Claude.


When Quasimodo realises what he has done, he is overcome with grief at the death of his “father”. He tells Pierre and Esmeralda that they must leave the city, never to return.


In the closing moments of the story, we see a distraught Quasimodo, cradling Claude in his arms. Quasimodo, believing his life to be fulfilled, but also to be at an end, rocks Claude gently as the curtain falls.