© Gary Sullivan and John Trent Wallace 1993-2010

Principal Characters

Archdeacon Claude Frollo (Baritone)

Quasimodo - Bell Ringer of Notre Dame (High Tenor)

Esmeralda – Gypsy Dancer (Mezzo)

Clopin – King of Thieves (Bass)

Sheria – The Kings Whore (Mezzo/Alto)

Pierre – The Poet (Tenor)

Marique – The Poet’s Sponsor (Soprano)


Other Parts Played by Ensemble members

The minor characters and non-singing parts are intended to be doubled from within

the ensemble members.  

Child parts can be played by smaller adult cast members


Coppenhall – Clopin’s Lieutenant; a Thief (Baritone)

Bofenue – Coppenhall’s Second; a Cutthroat (Tenor)

Banachel – A Lady of the night (Soprano)

Madeleine – A Lady of the night (Alto)

Rochelle – A Lady of the night (Soprano)

The Mother of Quasimodo (Soprano)

Quasimodo as a boy aged 12 (boy treble or small female soprano)

Esmeralda as a girl aged 12 (Soprano – small adult or girl)

Jacque or Jacque– an orphan (Soprano/treble – small adult or girl/boy)


*Labantau – A Switch and thief (Baritone)

*Tatraille – A Switch and thief (Baritone)

*These two parts could be played by Coppenhall & Bofenue

#Messina – A Lady of the night (Alto)

#Rousane – A Lady of the night (Soprano)

#These two  parts could be played by Madeleine & Rochelle



Non Singing

The Kings Jester

The Priest – Attendant to Claude Frollo

Esmeralda’s Father

Monnaie – A small courageous boy

Dagger – Sheria’s Spy

The Narrator

A Serving Wench

Which are surrounded by

A robust ensemble of Thieves, Villains, Beggar

Parisians, Tradesmen and Nobles.

Urchins and Strays